Mel Gibson Talks Passion of the Christ Sequel

Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was one of the highest-grossing R-rated films in history, having made more than $600 million worldwide. So it’s no surprise that a sequel is on the way.

Gibson appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night to discuss the project, which will tell the story of Jesus’ resurrection. He said it’s still early days, as the movie is “about three years off,” meaning it might come out in 2019. It’s taking so long to get the movie made because “it’s a big subject.”

He also teased that the movie’s story will focus on more than just the resurrection itself.

“It’s an amazing event and to underpin that with the things around it is really the story,” he said. “To enlighten what that means. It’s not just about the event; it’s not some kind of chronological telling of just that event. That could be boring; you’d think, ‘Oh, well, we read that [in the Bible].'”

Gibson said he’s interested in diving into “other things” around the resurrection that took place. The movie will have “bad guys,” he said, but they are in “another realm,” possibly a reference to hell. He said he’s not sure if there will be scenes set in hell, but said the movie will go “all over the place” to cover what happened over the course of the three days following Christ’s crucifixion.

The Passion of the Christ, which starred Jim Caviezel as Jesus, told the story of his final days, leading up to his crucifixion. The movie received three Oscar nominations.

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