Nintendo Unveils New Mini-games for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

A free update to Animal Crossing: New Leaf has introduced a raft of new features, including two new mini-games and a new in-game currency called MEOW coupons.

Both mini-games can be unlocked by finding two specific items within Animal Crossing. Find a Wii U and a mini-game called Desert Island Escape launches, which is very similar to the game of the same name from Animal Crossing amiibo festival. The second is Animal Crossing Puzzle League and can be played if you obtain a Nintendo 3DS XL or a new Nintendo 3DS.

MEOW (short for Mutual Exchange of Wealth)¬†coupons can be used to buy new in-game items and are earned by completing daily and weekly “initiatives” (or challenges). These coupons can be spent on items in a new area called Harvey’s Campground, where new villagers can also be summoned.

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