New HBO Video Uses Game of Thrones to Help Encourage You to Vote

In just a few short days, Americans will vote for their next president. Now, HBO has released a video encouraging people to get out and vote. The video, titled “#UseYourVote,” cuts together political-themed scenes from the network’s shows, including Game of Thrones, Veep, and Ballers, among others.

It’s a lighthearted video that pokes fun at the political process. HBO says, “Though entertaining, our election on November 8 isn’t fictional. Your vote matters. Don’t let it go to waste.” Check it out:

This isn’t the first time HBO has released a video encouraging people to vote. On September 27, which was National Voter Registration today, the network put out a video featuring the stars of some of its shows calling on people to make their voices heard by voting.

The election takes place on November 8, while the new president will take office in January 2017. Google “Find my voting place” to find out where your local polling location is.

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