The Overwatch Sombra Cosplay Has Begun

Sombra, the new character for Overwatch, was officially unveiled by Blizzard yesterday at Blizzcon 2016, but the cosplay has already started. To be fair, the Sombra cosplay below was officially commissioned by Blizzard (much like they did with Tracer and Widowmaker when Overwatch was first unveiled), but you’re sure to see a lot more of the game’s purple-clad hacker at upcoming conventions.

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The official cosplay is donned by Soni Aralynn (check out here Instragram account here), and it was designed by the costume design team at Henchmen props.

While Aralynn (probably) doesn’t have the ability to hack things by touching them, the in-game character introduces a slate of new skills to the game, and you can watch our impressions of how she plays right here. For more amazing Blizzcon cosplay, check out our full gallery.

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