Weekly Recap: GTA 5 Ships 70 Million Copies, Overwatch’s Sombra Revealed

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The Big Stuff:

More than three years after its release in September 2013, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V continues to soar. The game has now passed a whopping 70 million copies shipped, which is up from 65 million. Not only is the base game doing well, but GTA Online continues to grow and make more money. [Full story]

The rumors were right. Overwatch‘s newest playable character will be the hacker-centric Sombra, as revealed during BlizzCon 2016 this weekend. For more on all the big BlizzCon news, check out GameSpot’s recap of the opening ceremony reveals.

The Other Stuff:

100 dragon vs. 1000 archers in Skyrim’s Special Edition…who wins? Watch this incredible video to find out.

Driveclub got a new update this week that added a bunch of free courses from the game’s VR version, Driveclub VR. Get all the details here at Eurogamer.

Crowdfunding site Fig added a new game this week, the comic-inspired horror game “Jazon and the Dead.” It’s described as an action-adventure shooter with a comic book/B-movie style. Developer 2nd Studio is seeking $65,000 to help get the project off the ground, with a scheduled release in 2017. Go to the game’s Fig campaign page here to learn more.

Steven Seagal in a World of Warships TV ad? Yeah, why not.

Apparently taking a page out of Nintendo’s playbook, Sega this week announces a NES Classic-style system for its Sega Genesis. Get all the details here at Seganerds.com.

An elderly Canadian woman has been ordered to pay $5,000 for allegedly pirating Metro 2033. This is a wild story. Get all the details here at Polygon.

Battlefield 1 in Halo 5? That’s the theme of this incredible Halo 5 Forge creation. Just wow.

KJ Wright of the Seattle Seahawks says his on-field game improved after playing Madden. That’s pretty cool. Get the full story here at ESPN.

Need a new external hard drive for your Xbox One? Seagate announced a 512 GB model this week–get all the details about it here at Seagate’s website.

Here’s a pretty cool new TV spot for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2, set to the the Kanye West song “Stronger.” As it happens, West’s collaborator, Hudson Mohawke, is working on the game’s soundtrack.

Developers Trendy and Re-Logic, the teams behind Dungeon Defenders and Terraria, respectively, announced this week that the two franchises are coming together in a crossover event. Check out the trailer below to get an idea for what to expect.

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