TWD’s Norman Reedus on Whether Negan Can Break Daryl

Full spoilers for The Walking Dead’s latest episode, “The Cell,” continue below.

Daryl is not in a good place. After being taken captive by Negan, Norman Reedus’ character was taken back to the Saviors’ compound where he’s been beaten, tortured and forced to eat a heck of a lot of dog food sandwiches. But he’s still not broken, as proven at the end of the episode. He’s still not willing to be one of Negan’s men, even to protect his own life.

It’s a complex situation for Daryl to be in, and one that offers Reedus a lot of juicy emotional material, especially coming off the brutal Season 7 premiere. I got Reedus on the phone to talk about the events of “The Cell,” including Daryl’s headspace after Glenn’s death, what he thinks of Dwight and Daryl’s connection and whether Negan will ever break Daryl. Check out the full interview below.

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