Pokemon Go Offering Extra Bonuses Until November 11

To celebrate the launch of Pokemon Go‘s new daily catch bonus feature, developer Niantic Labs has kicked off a limited-time promotion.

Now until November 11, players will find more Pokemon in the world, while PokeStops will have even more items available. “This means more Great Balls, and for Trainers that are level 20 and above–more Ultra Balls! Take advantage of it while you can and explore your neighborhoods with Pokemon Go,” Niantic said.

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As detailed previously, players will earn bonuses for their first Pokemon catch and visit to a PokeStop every day. If you do this seven days in a row, you’ll get even bigger bonuses. Read GameSpot’s previous coverage to learn more about the new feature.

In other news about Pokemon Go, the game’s Halloween event helped to boost it back to the top of the iOS App Store’s highest-grossing charts.

Additionally, Niantic is testing a new version of the “Nearby Pokemon” feature. This is already live in San Francisco, and is now being expanded to “parts of Arizona,” as well as the Seattle area and the rest of the San Francisco Bay area.

“We will continue to review community feedback, make changes if necessary, and roll this feature out to more regions,” the developer said.

Pokemon Go is something of a phenomenon. It’s been downloaded more than 500 million times and it brought in a reported $600 million in its first 90 days.

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