Silly Overwatch Video Shows What Happens When the Voice Actors Get Together

Overwatch has a colorful cast of characters, and a new video shows what happens when the actors behind them meet up at the same place.

Jonny Cruz, who plays Lucio, posted a video on Twitter today. It was filmed outside of Blizzard’s headquarters in Irvine, CA, and Cruz wasn’t the only one there. The voice actors behind characters like D.Va (Charlet Chung), McCree (Matthew Mercer), Torbjorn (Keith Silverstein), and Tracer (Cara Theobold) make appearances. Check it out below:

Cruz and his stylish hat go on to meet most of the game’s roster, with a special appearance by Reaper at the end.

We also get to see Carolina Ravassa, who plays Sombra, the newest addition to the game. After finally being unveiled last week at BlizzCon, she was added to the PTR version of Overwatch on PC yesterday, with a full release set to follow in the near future.

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