Mission: Impossible 6 Release Date Announced

The release date for Mission: Impossible 6 has been announced. The next movie in the long-running action franchise will hit theaters in summer 2018.

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As reported by Variety, Paramount will release M:I6 on July 16, 2018. This is currently also the date that the DC superhero adventure Aquaman is due to arrive in cinemas.

Pre-production on M:I6 was delayed earlier this year while star Tom Cruise negotiated a new pay deal with the studio. According to Deadline, the dispute was due to Paramount looking to reduce the budget, meaning that work on the film was temporarily halted. It is now expected to begin production in spring 2017.

Mission: Impossible 6 will be written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who helmed 2015’s M:I5: Rogue Nation, as well as the first Jack Reacher. Rogue Nation made $682 million at the worldwide box office, 71 percent of which was earned overseas.

Paramount is not having a great year at the box office. According to the New York Times in August, the studio is on course to lose $350 million in 2016, following the failure of such films as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Zoolander 2, and Ben Hur. Even the relatively successful Star Trek Beyond saw a drop in box office earnings compared to its predecessors.

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