Google Daydream View review: comfortable mobile VR headset with limited compatibility

Headset for Android smartphones is Pixel-exclusive but kicks off firm’s play for premium, extended VR experiences with wand-style controller

Google’s big bet on the future of virtual reality, Daydream, is finally available to buy, but is the Daydream View headset actually worth getting?

Daydream is the new VR platform from Google. An evolution of what the company started with its Cardboard headset, it works on the same principle using a modern smartphone as both the screen and powerhouse.

Pros: no wires, comfortable for longer than you’ll probably want to wear it in one go; responsive and has an easy-to-use controller

Cons: drift is common, restricted to the Pixel phones for now, no killer app, no full joypad for more intense games, like other VR headsets will make some feel sick

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