Gogglebox’s vicar on faith, family and a lifelong love of video games

Kate Bottley has found fame on the TV show, but says her 35-year hobby helps her preach a ‘gospel of normality’

The Reverend Kate Bottley, possibly the most famous vicar in Britain thanks to her regular appearances on Gogglebox, seems to have a god-given gift for the 1983 arcade game Track & Field. She has just thrashed the Guardian’s games editor Keith Stuart at the classic button-bashing sports sim.

She takes the 100m sprint with ease, before breaking a record in the javelin. “That’s it, I’m retiring undefeated,” she declares to the small crowd that’s gathered around her at the GameCity festival taking place at Nottingham’s National Video Arcade (NVA).

Well, @revkatebottley absolutely thrashed me at Track & Field. I was totally hustled. https://t.co/6M5gJvFddb

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