Jason Avent joins TrailerFarm as Managing Director

Jason Avent joins TrailerFarm as Managing Director

Jason Avent, founder of indie studio Boss Alien, has today announced that he’s joined the team at Trailerfarm as both an investor and managing director.

Avent, who took Boss Alien to success and then subsequent sales to Natural Motion and Zynga, actually joined the company back in September, but was settling into the role before any announcements were made.

It’s a step away from his work with Boss Alien, as Trailerfarm isn’t directly a games company. The Brighton-based video specialists sprung up on the south coast after Disney closed Blackrock and produce trailers, cinematics, TV spots and footage capture.

Tony Porter, the founder of Trailerfarm and former colleague of Avent, working with him at both Blackrock and Climax racing, was keen to get Avent involved.

“We’ve grown steadily over the past five years and it’s time to take stock and manage The Trailerfarm as the mature and substantial business it has become.”

Avent was equally positive to be taking up the position: “The TrailerFarm have proven to be a talented, reliable and creative advertising agency for the video-games industry,”

“Games trailers and user acquisition videos are the most important tools in modern video-games marketing. Particularly on mobile devices where the storefronts are so critical and the click-through so immediate. The Trailer Farm are quickly becoming the best in the world at providing these services and i’m happy to be part of this effort.

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