NES Classic Launch: Why Does Nintendo Treat Fans Like This?

It shouldn’t be like this.

As the NES Classic Edition launched this morning, thousands of gamers left stores and clicked off of websites empty-handed, thanks to a severe shortage of Nintendo’s miniature remake of its 1985 console. I was one of them, walking out of two Targets disappointed and sighing in exasperation as I walked by gigantic, no-way-I’m-getting-one lines at two not-yet-open GameStops. Most stores, by various reports, only got extremely limited quantities.

I woke up early to go to these stores because despite the fact that this is 2016 and shopping online is a dominant, expected way to purchase items, Nintendo refused to take pre-orders on the NES Classic in North America. Nevermind that this would’ve been an easy way for the company to gauge demand and adjust their manufacturing accordingly, not to mention letting a whole lot more people actually get the product they want.

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