Weekly Recap: Mass Effect Andromeda Details, Xbox One Outsells PS4 Again

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The Big Stuff:

It was a big week for Mass Effect: Andromeda. N7 Day was November 7 and BioWare celebrated by making a number of announcements about the spacefaring game–see all of our coverage here.

For the fourth straight month, the Xbox One was the best-selling console in the United States. Microsoft made the announcement this week, citing NPD data–get all the details here.

The Other Stuff:

Hero’s Song, the new game from former SOE boss John Smedley’s Pixelmage Games, launched this week through Steam Early Access for $20.

“We’re investing in Hero’s Song for the long term so it’s important to us that we’re transparent through the course of the game’s development,” said John Smedley, CEO of Pixelmage Games. “We are making a game that the community and our own developers want to play, and having players involved in the process from the beginning is an important step in bringing the best of this virtual world to life.”

This is pretty cool: watch someone beat Titanfall 2 in only 98 minutes. That’s apparently a world record.

A new report from Windows Central has some information about Project Scorpio and how the console’s games will run at a native 4K in some cases. Get the full story here.

Forza 6’s Apex Edition for PC now has a premium edition that includes additional cars, tracks, and more. Get the full scoop here on Microsoft’s blog.

We have to wait until 2017 to see the new Wolverine movie, Logan, but actor Hugh Jackman this week released an image from the movie. Take a look:

Sony’s PlayStation Vue TV streaming service PlayStation Vue is losing all Viacom channels, Sony announced this week. That includes Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, among others. Get all the details here.

World of Warcraft’s popular legacy server, Nostalrius, is making a comeback, the team behind the vanilla server announced this week after BlizzCon. Go to Kotaku to get the scoop.

Pacific Rim 2 has finally started shooting, actor John Boyega (from Star Wars) revealed this week on Twitter. He also published a picture of his script, which reveals the movie’s subtitle: Maelstrom.

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Sony this week announced a new DualShock 4 controller–it’s camouflage green and looks pretty cool. It goes on sale in late December.

Activision has always said it doesn’t think Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare can sell as well as Black Ops 3, and now the evidence is bearing that out. Early Steam data shows that Infinite Warfare players are down significantly from Black Ops 3.

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