Walking Dead Just Resolved a Long Unanswered Question

Ever wonder who Judith’s father actually is? The Walking Dead finally set the record straight in Sunday’s episode, “Service.”

Full spoilers for The Walking Dead continue below.

It’s been a while since The Walking Dead spent much time reflecting on original main characters Shane and Lori, but Rick got introspective about his now-dead best friend and wife during the fourth episode of Season 7. They were brought up as Rick was trying to explain to Michonne his decision to bend a knee to Negan, retelling the story of how Shane and Lori hooked up way back in the events of Season 1 when they thought he was dead.

The point of the story was how Rick had to come to terms with the fact Lori and Shane were intimate, and that she then got pregnant with a child who wasn’t his. His decision to raise and love Judith as his own so he could live his life is his explanation for why the Alexandrians need to accept Negan’s rule, but there’s no glossing over the fact The Walking Dead dropped the bombshell that Judith is definitely Shane’s daughter.

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