Westworld Episode 7 Confirms This Character Is Actually a Robot [SPOILERS]

This post contains Westworld spoilers.

Tonight’s episode of Westworld was a good one. At the end, during one of the best, more revealing and intriguing sequences of the entire first season, it was revealed that Bernard is actually a robot.

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It’s been rumored and speculated for a long time now that Bernard is a robot, known in the shown as “host.” This was confirmed tonight during a showdown sequence between Ford and Cullen. Ford reveals that Bernard, as a robot, has been working for him the whole time. Cullen had no idea.

She pays the price, too, as Ford instructs Bernard to kill her–and he follows through. This appears to be the first time a host has killed a human–it remains to be seen what the implications might be.

Westworld Episode 7, “Trompe L’Oeil,” also left the fate of another major character, Elsie, up in the air. We never saw her. Bernard was unable to make contact with her. Additionally, we saw a glimpse of Bernard’s backstory about his son–now we know it was a programmed memory instead of a real one.

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