Suicide Squad Extended Cut Fleshes Out Joker and Harley Quinn But Not Much Else

The Suicide Squad Extended Cut contains 11 extra minutes of footage, but is that enough to make the divisive movie any better? Unless your name is Harley Quinn, no, not really.

This article is solely focused on whether the Extended Edition makes Suicide Squad a better film and what new material appears in this version. Check out my review of the Suicide Squad theatrical release for my full thoughts and the film’s critical score.

Warning: beware of spoilers for Suicide Squad!

Suicide Squad’s main problems had to do with the clunky story, mishandling of key characters, and the use of a dozen too-many pop songs that made it feel like a feature length trailer more than a cohesive film. The addition of a few cut scenes and putting some lines of dialogue back in doesn’t change any of that.

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