How Minecraft Has Evolved, and the Community With It

My first Minecraft experience was in 2010 on a friend’s crappy laptop. I’d seen a few people talk about it – one of my Facebook friends kept sharing YouTube videos about this bizarre, blocky game, and while my curiosity had been sparked, I had no idea what the appeal was. Nor could I ever have guessed how much it would grow and evolve, and the community with it.

That year I played it a couple of times, struggling to build a crappy shelter for the night with vague instructions from another new player. I built a basic wood block house in the only game mode available at the time – Survival Mode. It was also pretty surprising to me that even in that time, a few updates had been added. It was oddly exciting to boot it up and not know what change I might get, and to discuss those changes with the few other people I knew who played it.

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