Kotaku ‘Shop Contest: Watch Pokémon, Winners!

Week three of the ‘shop contest 3.0 has come and gone, so here I am to announce the winners. I asked you to hack some Pokémon into Watch Dogs 2‘s San Francisco and here we are, awash in elemental critters and over-exposed cityscapes.

Of course, the winning ‘shop turned out to be Ace Stanning’s! You might remember Ace from such ‘shop contests as: that one that concluded just last weekend. While I don’t like to crown the same person twice, I had to make an exception just this once since Ace helped me realize that the world of Watch Dogs would actually be perfect for an open-world, first-person Pokémon game.

The crew from Watch Dogs already look like a bunch of wandering trainer flunkies, searching far and wide for small children to accost through fighting rare animals against one another. But while Ace made me cry for realizing another year has come and gone without a truly next-gen Pokémon, many of you made me laugh, so let’s take a quick look at some of what the rest of you turned in.

Poké ‘shops

Coriakin showed us that Pokémon and our world would never mix since they’re just to fab for this reality.

Arayne got down to business and demonstrated just how hard it is to leave the house when your deadbolt isn’t fully rendered.

Pikachu is on the run from a giant Poké Ball operating a crane thanks to graham2k.

Beta Librae gives us a quick glimpse at the difficulties of fine out door dining in a world full of Pokémon.

Mrichston shows you can always count on Lucario to keep it 100.

It’s like MrDeadScott always said, “Don’t trust a man when his tail’s on fire.”

Sciteach, this is impressive, but also terrifying.

No joking around for mcbizco, revealing that the world has always been run by glitches.

Dixie Flatline with an important reminder: never play with fire types.

And that brings us to the end of the latest ‘Shop contest. If you like what you see, keep it coming! Otherwise always feel free to drop me a line with any questions or complaints, and remember to check back tomorrow for a more seasonal ‘shop contest to set the mood going into December.

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