People Have Already Cleared Final Fantasy XV In Japan

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Today, Final Fantasy XV went on sale in Japan. Lots of people bought it, and now, there are already players who have cleared the game’s main story.

Note: This article contains some spoilers.

One Twitter user named Kyosuke claims to have already finish the game in 13 hours and 57 minutes, adding that he lost about 45 minutes due to an in-game glitch he encountered once while playing.

Also, Kyosuke says he didn’t skip any cutscenes. Below is a photo of the ending credits he tweeted out.

Here is a player who cleared it in fifteen hours.

You can see the certification of completion you get when finishing the game as well as the playtime, the date, and the player’s level.

Another claims to have completed the game in ten hours and 36 minutes, uploading this certificate of completion photo to 2ch, Japan’s largest bulletin board:

[Image: 2ch]

That’s rather quick, no?

Last year, Hajime Tabata told Kotaku that they “were aiming so that the entire [FFXV] story could potentially be cleared within 40 hours.” He then added, “But looking at the current volume of what’s becoming available, it’s looking harder and harder to clear within that time. So it’s something that we’re gauging right now and trying to work around.”

Some context: Our Jason Schreier finished Final Fantasy XV’s main story in around 20 hours and spent around 35 hours doing other quests and hunts. So if people are going to race through the game, then they can probably finish it rather quickly. But if they want to spend more time in the game, there is much more to do and explore.

Obviously, the vast majority of players in Japan haven’t cleared the game yet. But no doubt, with as much as people like Final Fantasy, more hardcore players are bound to do so shortly. By tomorrow, even!

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