6 Big Developments From Agents of SHIELD: Season 4, Episode 7 [Spoilers]

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns this week. We were left with a cliffhanger in Episode 6 when Robbie’s Uncle Eli revealed his true motives and some of the Agents paid the price for his actions. With everything going on, there’s going to be some big changes for Ghost Rider.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 7 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Deals With Our Devils,” will be discussed below.

Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie Are Stuck in Between Dimensions

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When Eli Morrow put his plan into action, the shockwave from the experiment in the old facility sent Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie somewhere else. They’re still in the facility, but they can no longer communicate or interact with anyone. Fitz theorizes they’re in a state similar to when the ghosts were locked in the boxes. They’re trapped in between dimensions and are getting pulled down to somewhere. He figures they’re further down than Lucy and the other ghosts since they can’t interact with others.

Uncle Eli Is Completely Evil

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Uncle Eli seemed like a good guy that did one bad thing. That’s what Robbie thought. Now that the experiment has been completed, he can create Dark Matter. As he decides to leave the facility, agents attempt to stop him. Eli creates huge spikes that pop out of the ground and kill the agents. Robbie tried stopping his uncle and warning the others but no one could hear him.

Simmons Investigates the Terrigenesis Cocoon Guy

Simmons was sent to investigate and analyze a person undergoing Terrigenesis. She’s surprised because it’s a quick process. She gets an even bigger surprise when she’s told this person has been in this state for seven months. When she asks who is inside, she’s told it’s classified. The concern is what will he become after the process is complete?

Simmons hears a heartbeat within the cocoon. She orders everyone out and removes her hazmat suit. She talks soothingly to reassure that they’re trying to help. Her approach works and the cocoon begins to crumble. She asks him what his name is, but before he can answer, a bag is thrown over her head and she’s removed.

Mack Turns Into Ghost Rider

Everyone assumes Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie died. Daisy tells Robbie’s brother, Gabe, that she doesn’t believe they’re gone. In his current state, Robbie can’t transform into Ghost Rider. He feels it fighting him and begins to get cold and weak. He calls out, but Ghost Rider goes into Mack. Mack goes after the gang members Eli worked with in order to figure out where he went. While fighting them, Ghost Rider takes over and he flames up.

Daisy took Robbie’s car in order to follow Mack. Robbie, in his ghost state, got in as well. When they find Mack/Ghost Rider, Robbie is finally able to talk to the spirit, face to face. He says they had a deal about getting vengeance. Robbie asks for a new one. If Ghost Rider settles Robbie’s desire for vengeance, he’ll help Ghost Rider settle all of his.

Aida Reads and Uses the Darkhold

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May had her doubts about the disappearance of the others. With the Darkhold in her possession after Coulson told her to hide it, she takes it to Dr. Radcliffe. He glances inside and immediately shuts it, sensing its power. Aida suggests she reads the book. This forces Radcliffe to reveal to May that Aida is an LMD.

Aida processes the book and creates a gateway that allows Coulson and Fitz to return.

Mack Lost “Hope”

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There’s likely to be some repercussions for Mack being a vessel for the Ghost Rider. Sitting alone, he stares at a photograph with “Hope 4/18/06” written on the back. Robbie appears through the gateway and asks Mack if he wants to help him settle his last score.

Our Thoughts

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This episode delivered a lot of action. Some questions were answered, and new ones were introduced. It was interesting to see Ghost Rider enter Mack so easily. Being separated from Ghost Rider, it appeared Robbie was dying. Because he was revived in order to seek vengeance and become a vessel for Ghost Rider, it’s possible that once they go their separate ways, Robbie will return to being dead. If having a need for vengeance is a factor, what are Mack’s needs? We didn’t see who was in the picture. With the date, it’s likely it was a child. Perhaps it was his kid or a niece. If the child was killed or taken from him, that could lead to his repressed hunger for vengeance.

We finally saw Senator Nadeer’s brother in the Terrigenesis cocoon. We’ll have to wait to find out why he was undergoing the process for so long and what abilities he may have gained. Will he be based off an existing comic book character or a new one created for the show?

We’ll also have to wait to see if Robbie’s car will heal from the damage Daisy caused while driving it when he was separated from Ghost Rider, and how Aida is affected after reading the Darkhold. It looks like she’s taking on a project of her own while Radcliffe was in the other room.

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