Titanfall 2 Angel City Patch Adds New Map, Titan Kits, and More

The latest update to Titanfall 2 is now available, and adds a remastered favourite Titanfall map to the rotation, Angel City.

For those that wish to spend some time getting to know Angel City, a new 24/7 playlist is available for preorder customers only, unlocking for everybody else on December 2. The playlist will remain available “as long as it remains popular,” according to the patch notes.

Non-preorder customers can also get early access to the Angel City 24/7 playlist if they are invited into a match by a fellow network member.

A brace of new titan kits have been added, including but not limited to:

  • RONIN: Phase Reflex – When doomed, Ronin phases out of danger.
  • TONE: Burst Loader – Aiming allows the 40mm to store up to 3 shots to burst fire.
  • ION: Refraction Lens – Splitter Rifle splits 5 ways.

There are also a bunch of new titan art, callsign, and camo packs added to the store for purchase.

Features-wise, all platforms now have an FOV slider, a slider to adjust film grain, a series of fine-tuning options for gamepad players, and more.

To see the full list of new content, features, and balances changes, take a look at the patch notes over on the Titanfall 2 forums.

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