The King of Fighters XIV Holiday Promo and Graphical Update Announced

To celebrate the holiday period, The King of Fighters XIV has announced its holiday promo over on the PlayStation Blog. Get your hands on a free retro Athena costume based on The King of Fighters ’98 version, before it becomes paid DLC in a month’s time. You can also pick up a series of The King of Fighters holiday PlayStation 4 themes to get you into a merry mood.

The blog post also details the upcoming v1.10 patch for The King of Fighters XIV, which adds a series of graphical and cosmetic improvements. Each character will have their total number of color variations increased from four to six. The graphical overhaul appears to include higher resolution textures, and some updated shaders.

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If you’re still on the fence about The King of Fighters XIV, be sure to check out our review.

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