Final Fantasy III: A Retrospective

When I first started my daunting journey through the Final Fantasy series for IGN at the start of 2016, I did so opting for the most convenient and cost-effective methods available to me. For the earliest games in this beloved franchise, that meant resorting to remasters, the trade-off being that I could easily carry the first ten Final Fantasy games around with me on my Vita, grind a few levels whenever I had spare time throughout the day and speed up my playthroughs massively.

As I half-expected, when the first piece in this series landed on IGN’s homepage back in January, I drew some criticism in the comments for not playing the original NES version of the first Final Fantasy. I get it: long-term fans of classic franchises tend to want others to experience what they experienced and in the way they experienced it. It is, of course, not only unrealistic to expect that everyone has had the same formative experiences as you, it’s simply impossible, and is what makes your fellow human beings so damn interesting.

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