39 Games to Keep on Your Radar in 2017

There are plenty of great games to look forward to in 2017, but with all the big-name titles to anticipate, it can be easy to let some of the smaller gems slip under your radar.

Here are 39 awesome looking games you shouldn’t overlook in 2017.

Absolver’s sharp, eye-catching style isn’t the only enticing thing about it. An elaborate hand-to-hand combat system that combines tactical stances, customizable combos, and rearrangeable decks makes every encounter feel as fine-tuned as a fighting game. Check out 7 minutes of Absolver gameplay for more.

Agony is a first-person survival horror set in what is probably the most gruesome, shocking, and bizarre depiction of hell in a game, ever. Bone gates open up into shifting tunnels of teeth and bloody, corpse-filled caverns occupied by massive split-faced demons. If horror games are meant to create images that will stick in your mind long after you’d like them to, Agony already has that part down. Head to its website for more info.

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