X-Men TV Series Casts Gotham Actress in Key Role

FOX’s X-Men TV series has cast another key role.

Deadline reports that Natalie Alyn Lind, who played Silver St. Cloud on Gotham and was also in The Goldbergs, is the latest to join the X-Men series. She’ll star as Lauren, one of the main children of the story who discovers she has mutant powers.

Natalie-Alyn-Lind-Gotham-1280b.jpg Natalie Alyn Lind on Gotham.

Just a few days ago True Blood star Stephen Moyer was cast as one of the main characters on the show, an attorney named Reed struggling to balance his work and family life. The rest of the cast includes Jamie Chung (Once Upon A Time), who’s playing the mutant Blink, and Blair Redford (Switched at Birth, Satisfaction), who’s starring as the mutant Sam.

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