Nintendo Switch is here but I’m still playing my N64

I’ve ditched my Xbox 360 and passed on my Game Boy, but nothing will part me from Nintendo’s late 90s classic – not even the Switch

Twenty years ago, the Nintendo 64 came to Europe for the first time. Though it rarely makes it onto top-ten lists of home consoles, and probably isn’t even in the top three just from Nintendo, the N64 changed my life forever.

Some might not consider the N64 to have acquired that retro status afforded to the likes of the NES (1983) or Sega Mega Drive (1988), but for those of us born in the 90s this was our first generation of home consoles: the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Saturn (1994), and the Nintendo 64 (1997). It was a pivotal generation too, the first to really focus on 3D graphics, representing a change arguably bigger than any since. HD is great, but more pixels will never have the same effect as an extra dimension.

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