Logan: Watch Hugh Jackman’s Incredible Audio-Recording Session As Wolverine

Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has released a cool behind-the-scenes video showing himself recording audio for one of the movie’s many action sequences. He doesn’t say anything, but lets his grunting do the talking.

As you can see, Jackman channels the physicality of his character for the recording process to create panting and growling sounds, as well as some guttural noises. It’s very impressive to watch, and it speaks to Jackman’s commitment to the role, not that it was ever in question. Be sure to stick through until the end, as there is a silly surprise waiting for you.

The R-rated Logan opened in theaters on March 3 and had a huge debut in the US, bringing in $85.3 million for its first weekend. That set a new record for the Wolverine series.

Jackman is hanging up his claws, saying in interviews recently that he plans to retire from playing Wolverine. Professor X actor Patrick Stewart is also retiring from his character. Jackman released a thank-you video on Twitter to mark the end of his run as Wolverine–check it out below.

While Jackman and Stewart may be finished with the Wolverine franchise, given how popular it is, we would fully expect there to be more movies with different actors in the lead roles in the future.

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