New Beauty And The Beast TV Spot Shows A Castle Under Seige

Disney today released a new TV spot for Beauty and the Beast, which comes to theaters in 10 days. The spot contains a mixture of previously released footage and some new sequences. Of note, we see Gaston (Luke Evans) leading a mob to the Beast’s castle, proclaiming, “Kill the beast!” They break into the castle for a big fight scene, with LeFou (Josh Gad) getting clocked in the face by magical houseware.

In the climatic scene from the end of the movie, Gaston and Beast (Dan Stevens) have their final showdown, with Beast emphatically saying to Gaston, “I am not a beast.” Here’s the trailer:

This is just the latest video for Beauty and the Beast released this week, following a music video for the song “Beauty and the Beast” sung by Ariana Grande and John Legend. Another video showed Evans and Gad singing the song “Gaston”–watch it here.

Beauty and the Beast opens on March 17, directed by Bill Condon (Twilight series) and featuring Harry Potter’s Emma Watson as Belle.

It’s expected to have a huge opening, with estimates putting its US box office haul in the area of $120 million, which would make it one of the most successful March openings ever.

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