Zelda: Breath of the Wild – How To Dye Your Clothes

Unlike previous games in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild allows you to change the color of your clothing. To do so, you need to talk to Sayge, the manager of Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village. Below you can find details on where to find him and what you need to do in order to dye your clothes.

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How To Dye Your Clothes

After passing through the Hateno Village entrance, you’ll notice a row of shops that line the main path. The second building on your right is Kochi Dye Shop, which you can see in detail in the image below. You can also check out its precise map location in the accompanying gallery.

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Enter the shop to talk to Sayge, who allows you to dye your clothes various colors for the cost of 20 rupees. However, to successfully change your clothing color, you need five items that share in the dye color you wish to use. These can be any materials you find out in the wild. For example, items like the Bokoblin Horn and Moblin Fang can be used to dye your clothes grey.

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Keep in mind the shopkeeper dyes your entire outfit the color you choose, so it’s best to mix and match what you want colored or remove what you don’t want colored for more efficient use of your hard-earned money. In addition, make sure to check how your different armor sets are affected by the dying process, as you might like how a certain color highlight its details.

Regardless, if you change your mind about the colors you choose, you can always ask Sayge to revert the pieces back to their original color scheme for another 20 rupees.

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