Snipperclips review: addictive shapecutting fun

Some ideas are so perfect you can’t believe that no one has thought of them before. Snip and Clip are a prime example

Snipperclips is one of those games with a concept so clear that even if you forget what it’s called (and who could blame you – the original prototype Friendshapes had a much more memorable name) people will know what you’re talking about. Sure, there have been other video games influenced by papercraft – most notably Media Molecule’s Tearaway – but none has reached the mainstream with the particular notion expressed in Snipperclips’ tagline: cut it out, together.

Snipperclips is a game in which (ideally) two or more players control colourful papery beings – called Snip and Clip – who use the form of their arched bodies to snip each other into the shapes needed to solve a variety of puzzles. It’s no surprise that developers Tom and Adam Vian were successful when they pitched the prototype to Nintendo; artful, simple, and designed to be social, Snipperclips feels right at home on the Switch.

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