Suicide Squad 2 May Have Found A Writer

Warner Bros. is negotiating with writer Adam Cozad (The Legend of Tarzan) to write the Suicide Squad sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film site says the sequel “is a priority” for Warner Bros. It’s not clear how far along negotiations have progressed or what other writers may be in the running.

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Earlier this year, it was reported that Hollywood veteran Mel Gibson was among those considered for the director’s chair for Suicide Squad 2, though this has not been confirmed.

2016’s Suicide Squad, which won an Oscar, was written and directed by David Ayer, though he is bowing out for the sequel and is now making a movie about female DC villains.

Suicide Squad was largely panned by critics, though it grossed $745 million worldwide, basically guaranteeing a sequel. The sequel was reportedly in development before the release of the first film.

Gibson previously criticized one of DC’s biggest films, Batman v Superman, which he described as a “piece of s***.” He’s also been critical of the violence in Marvel’s movies.

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