Star Wars Rebels Preview: Maul’s Search for Obi-Wan Nears its End

Star Wars Rebels is delivering a big moment not just for the show but for Star Wars as a whole this weekend, as Darth Maul (voiced by Sam Witwer) and his old enemy Obi-Wan Kenobi come face to face.

IGN has a special preview clip from the episode “Twin Suns” – an extended version of footage shown on last weekend’s Rebels Recon. The episode begins with Maul on Tatooine, where he (correctly) believes Obi-Wan is hiding. But with a vast desert to search through, the former Sith is feeling grim about the situation. Check out the clip below:

Voicing Obi-Wan in this episode is Stephen Stanton (who also plays both AP-5 and Tarkin on Rebels), doing a rather uncanny impression of Alec Guinness’ voice and cadence as the older Obi-Wan we met in the original Star Wars. Witwer, who has voiced Maul since his return on Star Wars: The Clone Wars – and is a huge Star Wars fan himself – noted how this episode brings so many different Star Wars elements together, telling IGN, “That was a fun thing, because when you hear a voice that sounds like Alec Guinness say ‘My old adversary,’ it just glues the prequels and The Clone Wars and the original trilogy together in a really satisfying way. I remember when Ahsoka started showing up on Rebels and Vader started showing up on Rebels, suddenly that becomes this incredible connective tissue, this thematic connective tissue between all these different pieces of Star Wars storytelling. Myself, being a fan, I think that’s really satisfying to get those connections.”

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