The Matrix: 7 Directors Who Could Justify A Reboot

The WB is going to make a movie nobody seems to want, and yet if one of these directors were to enter The Matrix, we think you’d free your mind.

On Monday, news broke that Warner Bros. was going to reboot The Matrix. The overwhelming response? “Why?!”

Here are the directors we think would be up to that task (and we saved the best for last!):

When The Matrix arrived in 1999, it was a jaw-dropping achievement that instantly gave way to a cultural movement. Audiences everywhere gravitated towards the film’s unique blend of mind-bending action and thought-provoking science fiction.

I was 15 when I saw The Matrix, and I’ll never forget the feeling that overcame me as the end credits began to roll. It was that “I just witnessed something really special” feeling that few movies have the power to give you. My father and I discussed as we left the theater, how the film’s “Free Your Mind” mantra could be to this generation what “Use The Force” was for the previous one. The idea of a work of pure fiction and entertainment that could also challenge you to look at the world around you differently was exhilarating.

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