New Prey Video Highlights Deadly Alien, Supernatural Powers, Player Choice, More

Spooky first-person shooter Prey has received a new video that showcases the extent to which players can forge their own path–from which characters to save to which powers to acquire to which gender you want the main character to be.

The trailer, which you can watch above, also shows off a creepy enemy called the Nightmare. The more you invest in alien powers, the more this scary creature will stalk you, explains developer Arkane Studios.

Also discussed is a major character called Alex Yu, the playable character’s brother and boss of the space station the player finds themself on. Your relationship with Alex can affect the environment around you, says Arkane.

Prey videos are coming thick and fast as we head towards the game’s May 5 release date. The most recent walkthrough featured some gameplay of the title’s first 35 minutes, while the previous trailer showed off some terrifying alien enemies.

Prey is a reimagining of the 2006 original, and a replacement for the canceled sequel to that game that was in development at Human Head Studios.

The new title is seen by some as a spiritual successor to the 1994 game System Shock, while we also think it’s been inspired by BioShock. We recently went hands on with Prey, and you can see our thoughts on it here. Alternatively, take a look at these exclusive images.

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