Why X-Men Movie Continuity Is Bad Movie Continuity

Let’s face it – the continuity in Fox’s X-Men movies doesn’t make a lot of sense. You have dead characters returning to life with little or no explanation, drastically different versions of the same character appearing across multiple films and major plot points that are conveniently ignored later down the road. It’s almost as if Fox didn’t have this massive superhero franchise entirely mapped out from the beginning.

If Logan proved anything, it’s that continuity is hardly the most important aspect of a good superhero movie. Even so, it’s fun to look back at the past 17 years’ worth of X-Men movies and point out many of the glaring plot points and inconsistencies. And yes, we know Days of Future Past rebooted the timeline in some vague, not clearly defined way, but we’re still pretty sure most of these gaffes don’t add up regardless. Check out our extensive list below (but beware of spoilers for Logan!):

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