Power Rangers After Credits Scene–What Happens Next?

Power Rangers is now playing in theaters. You can read our review here. The movie rebooted the franchise and brought back the original Rangers–Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Trini. Familiar elements from the original TV series were given a modern makeover as the teens came together to fight the threat of Rita Repulsa in order to protect the world.

The movie’s producer has stated they have plans for a six-movie arc, and the mid-credits scene delivers a strong indication to what could happen next. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, stop reading now. There will be spoilers below.

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Members of the Power Rangers report to Saturday detention after saving their town of Angel Grove and the world. This is where they met each other at the beginning of the movie. The teacher in the detention room takes attendance and calls out Tommy Oliver’s name. This student is not seen, but the camera pans to an empty desk with a green jacket on the chair.

Fans of the Power Rangers franchise know what this means. Tommy Oliver was the Green Ranger. In the original series, he was introduced as a new student who was forced to become Rita’s agent against the Power Rangers. He was a powerful enemy and was eventually freed from Rita’s control and joined the others to make amends.

In the new movie, it is revealed that Rita originally was the Green Power Ranger on Zordon’s team, millions of years ago. She still possesses the Green Power Coin, which she uses in her scepter. She may have been defeated, but we all know a good villain always finds a way back.

Adding to the Green Ranger tease in the movie, Sabban also tweeted the following video.

It’s pretty obvious we’ll be seeing the Green Ranger if a sequel happens. Casting information hasn’t been released. This means either the role hasn’t been cast, or Lionsgate is keeping it under wraps.

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