Star Wars Rebels Creator on Maul and Kallus’ Fates and Other Big Season 3 Storylines

Warning: Full spoilers for Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 follow.

Star Wars Rebels just wrapped up its third season, with several notable events occurring along the way. With the third season now complete, I spoke to the show’s co-creator and executive producer Dave Filoni for an in-depth post-mort on many of Season 3’s biggest moments and events (including a key death), the decisions behind them and much more.

IGN: Let me start out asking about the finale and Kallus, because this character has been one of my favorites to chart. It reminds me of Asajj Ventress in Clone Wars, who was a villain at first but then had these other layers revealed. Did you debate if he actually would make it out of there or not and how did you decide what his path would be?

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