A Cad Bane vs. Boba Fett Clone Wars Arc Was Planned

At previous Star Wars Celebrations, Dave Filoni had presented a lot of material from unfinished episodes and storylines from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but as it turned out, there was still more to reveal – as fans at Star Wars Celebration learned today via footage of a major showdown between Cad Bane and Boba Fett.

Filoni actually explained it as a storyline in which “Cad Bane teaches Boba Fett how to be a real bounty hunter.” It seems likely this was from the same arc as a clip shown at Celebration two years ago, which found Bane and Fett camping out on Tatooine, only to come under attack by Sandpeople. Whether it was from the same arc or a different one, the footage today made it clear the two bounty hunters weren’t going to stay allies in the long run.

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