Quake Champions: Why I’m Sold on the “Quake” Part

Quake Champions is simultaneously a return to timeless FPS action in the style of Quake 3 Arena, and a foray into the precarious and topical genre of Hero Shooters. My time with a preview build of Quake Champions was remarkably fun, in spite of the “Champions” element of the game failing to really click.

Weapon pickups, quad damage, strafe jumping and everything else synonymous with the turn of the century arena shooter celebrates a return to form in Quake Champions. Each of the seven weapons, from the projectile-based rocket launcher to the hit-scanning lighting gun exist with a defined purpose, and no two feel redundant. The three currently implemented maps provide ample variance, verticality, and winding passageways that facilitate Quake’s unconventional and remarkably-quick movement.

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