Telltale’s Guardians Of The Galaxy – Episode 1 Review Roundup

Telltale’s latest series, which focuses on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, premieres today, April 18. The first episode is called Tangled Up in Blue, and with its launch virtually here, reviews have started to go live for this introductory episode.

This first chapter–which is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android–costs $5, while Episodes 2-5 will be released over the coming months. Additionally, the game is getting a physical release on May 2 (May 5 outside North America). This will be available for $30 and will include Episode One, giving you free access to the next four episodes as they launch.

You can watch a trailer for Tangled Up in Blue here, or take a look below to see what a selection of critics thought about the episode. GameSpot has a Guardians Of The Galaxy – Episode 1: Tangled Up In Blue review up now, in which critic Kallie Plagge called the episode “a compelling introduction to the series that captures the unique charms of the Guardians.”

  • Game: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – The Telltale Series
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android
  • Release: April 18
  • Price: US $5 / £5 / AU $9

GameSpot — 7/10

“Because of that characterization, though, jokes land more often than not, and even less-important interactions serve to build out the team. That and good voice acting balance out a few rough bits of dialogue (Rocket making a ‘your face’ retort and following it with, ‘That was terrible,’ for example). Quiet, intimate moments between characters are what Telltale does best, and this episode strikes a good balance between Guardians-style snark and conversations with a little more meaning to them.

“The episode sets up an important conflict and serious questions about the galaxy going into Episode 2. Some more game-y elements can take you out of the experience a bit, but this is also a compelling introduction to the series that captures the unique charms of the Guardians–plus, there’s some kickass music.” — Kallie Plagge [Full review]

IGN — 8.5/10

“Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely starting off on the right foot, with a great script, great actors, and a universe packed with personality (and backed by catchy tunes) to explore. If it can continue to deliver the quality of dialogue and panel-perfect action over the course of the rest of the season, it may find itself seated in the upper echelons of Telltale’s catalog. I just hope that now the series has introduced itself, the series gives its environments and characters just a bit more time to breathe in between speeding the plot along.” — TJ Hafer [Full review]

PC Gamer — 58/100

“By the end of the first episode Guardians of the Galaxy sets up its overarching plot, which ties into the history of the Kree, with a new big bad and an infinity stone-esque McGuffin. Some Marvel cosmic comic experts may be giddy to see the Kree get more love–and let’s be honest, the film’s villain Ronan the Accuser was pretty forgettable–so I hope the series finds strength in its story as it develops. As it stands, Tangled Up in Blue is a meandering introduction to a cast I already know, leaning on a framework that doesn’t play to their strengths. In about an hour and a half, Guardians of the Galaxy tops out at ‘heh.'” — Wes Fenlon [Full review]

US Gamer — 3/5

“This is a Telltale style game through and through. If you’re tired of what the studio has done in the past, this won’t change your mind. Batman: The Telltale Series felt like a stronger evolution of the franchise, using the Detective Vision mechanic to solve puzzles and provide more personal combat choices. So far, Guardians of the Galaxy feels like a step back from that series. In fact, Guardians of the Galaxy just adds up to a weaker start than Telltale’s previous comic adaptation. Telltale surprised me with some story decisions here, so I’d like to see where they intend to take the team, but as a first episode it didn’t hit me in the gut and make me excited for the next.” — Mike Williams [Full review]

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