Video Game Metal Band Releases New Metroid, Kirby Covers

Powerglove, a band that plays instrumental covers of video game songs, has released new tracks from its upcoming album. The album, Continue?, has something of a unique release model. One track debuts each month for the next 13 months, with a physical box set of the album launching at that time.

The first two songs, “Kraid’s Lair” from the Metroid series, and “Kirby” from that franchise of the same name, are out now. You can stream them through YouTube and Spotify or buy the tunes from digital stores for about $1. The songs sound like classic Powerglove–heavy, melodic, and driving. You can listen to “Kraid’s Lair” and “Kirby” through the YouTube embeds below.

Continue? is Powerglove’s sixth full-length album, following Total Pwnage (2005), Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man (2007), Saturday Morning Apocalypse (2010), TV Game Metal (2012), and Video Game Metal (2014).

Powerglove gets its name from the NES accessory of the same name. The band has performed at video game shows such as PAX, as well as major tours such as the Summer Slaughter Tour, performing alongside big-name metal groups such as The Black Dahlia Murder and Whitechapel.

You can learn more about Powerglove at the band’s website here.

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