49 Hours Later, The First Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 100% Speedrun Is Complete

What is reportedly the world’s first 100 percent speedrun of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been completed–and it took more than 49 hours.

According to Eurogamer and Kotaku, the player Xalikah completed a 100 percent speedrun of the celebrated role-playing game in 49 hours, nine minutes, and 41 seconds. By comparison, regular speedruns–that is, completing the story alone as fast as possible–have been completed in around 40 minutes.

A 100 percent completion of Breath of the Wild is seriously challenging, as you need to complete the map percentage counter, which involves collecting all 900 Korok seeds, climbing every tower, and discovering every region. You must also fully upgrade various armor sets and acquire all key items. You can see a full rundown of what’s required for a 100 percent playthrough here.

Xalikah told Kotaku, “The hard part is thinking about all the items and stuff you need. Especially when the lack of sleeps kicks in. I had a good start on the first 24 hours. When I hit 30 hours, it was hard for me. I felt like the run wasn’t going to end, so I decided to take a nap break.”

You can watch the start of Xalikah’s Breath of the Wild speedrun in the Twitch video above. This video of course contains spoilers, so be aware of that if you haven’t played yet.

In other news, Nintendo recently announced that Breath of the Wild has sold 1.3 million copies across Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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