6 Things You Need to Know Before Reading Marvel’s Secret Empire

Marvel is just a few weeks away from officially kicking off Secret Empire. This new event crossover explores what happens when the Avengers suffer their greatest betrayal ever. Captain America is secretly a Hydra agent, and he’s been busy paving the way for Hydra’s worldwide takeover.

How did Marvel’s most shining hero become its Benedict Arnold? How long has this story been in the works? And what do you need to know to fully appreciate this crossover? We have the answers you seek. Scroll down to find out the origins of this epic conflict and what you’ll need to read to follow the Secret Empire saga.

The current Captain America status quo has its roots in Rick Remender’s Captain America run. During the course of that story, Steve Rogers had the Super-Soldier Serum drained from his body, instantly turning him from ageless stud to withered old man. Steve had no choice to pass the Captain America mantle to a more physically capable hero. Thus, the shield passed to former Falcon Sam Wilson.

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