Dota 2 International 2017 Battle Pass Announced

Just as the post-Kiev Major excitement was finally dying down Valve has announced the details of The International 2017 Battle Pass for Dota 2.

For the uninitiated, a Battle Pass is a digital ticket for Dota’s biggest tournaments that comes with a suite of extra features, including special cosmetics, in-game events, tournament predictions, and much, much more. The Battle Pass announced today gives access to Dota’s biggest tournament of the year, The International, and Valve has gone all out to ensure this year’s new features are fitting for its most prestigious event.

The first and most interesting new addition in this year’s Battle Pass is Siltbreaker, a Dota multiplayer campaign. The campaign looks to tackle Dota’s lore head on, featuring an in-depth story about the Dark Reef, an underwater prison that houses the sea’s most evil creatures. Siltbreaker appears to be a Diablo-esque dungeon crawler built within Dota’s framework and is playable with up to two friends. Campaign XP will be rewarded each time you play which can then be turned in for special rewards. The first act of Siltbreaker (titled “The Sands of Fate) will be available sometime this month, with the second act set for release in July.

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