New For Honor Heroes And Maps Shown In Videos

For Honor‘s Season 2 starts on May 16, and now publisher Ubisoft has released new footage of the maps and characters coming as part of the upcoming season.

First up are two trailers for the game’s new heroes, The Centurion Knight and The Shinobi Samurai. The Centurion (above) comes equipped with a standard issue gladius for close-quarters combat, and Ubisoft says the character will be a strategic fighter who “sees the battlefield like a chessboard.”

The Shinobi, meanwhile are silent warriors who move with “a dancer’s grace and kill with precision,” and they each wield a traditional Kusarigama–a deadly sickle-and-chain weapon. Take a look at the Shinobi below.

For Honor’s new maps have also been shown off for the first time. The first, Forge, is set in a wintry steel mill, while Temple Garden plants you in the beautiful and serene grounds of a traditional Japanese temple. Check out the footage of Forge here and Temple Garden here.

The arenas will be available to all players with Season 2 kicks off on May 16. The two new fighters will launch for free for season pass holders the same day, though other players will have to wait until May 23 to unlock them with in-game Steel.

Lastly, Ubisoft confirmed it would reveal new gameplay of Season 2 in a livestream tournament on May 16 via For Honor’s official Twitch channel. For more on the upcoming season of content, check out its debut trailer here.

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