Rime Seeks to Manipulate Your Mind, and Your Mood

Take a puzzle-filled island setting, a plucky young fox companion, and an illusive cloaked figure watching over you at all times, and you have Rime. This gorgeous adventure that takes its gameplay and storytelling cues from the likes of Ico and The Last Guardian is almost upon us, and after getting hands-on with a full hour of the game I’m more keen than ever to get to the heart of its mystery.

Rime’s early puzzles show a promising level of variety. Some are triggered by the young protagonist’s voice, such as a door which has four separate voice-activated statues that need to be roused at the same time. Rather than shout at them independently the player must find and manoeuvre a large orb within an optimal radius, so that it can act as a vocal amplifier to activate the switches in unison.

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