Someone Beat Prey In Under 20 Minutes, Watch The Video Here

Just days after the game’s release, a speedrunner has beaten Arkane’s new shooter Prey in under 20 minutes. The impressive feat was recorded, of course, so you can watch it in awe or disbelief in the video below.

The run was performed by speedrunner DraQu (via Polygon), who claims his time of 19:34 is a world record. As you’ll see in the video below, the streamer makes use of tricks and manages to get outside of the intended playable space to speed up his progress significantly.

DraQu improved his time significantly in recent playthroughs. Earlier in the week, his speedruns came in at 59:28 and 44:06, so his world record is twice as fast as his next closest. Impressive!

Prey launched on May 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Due to publisher Bethesda’s review policy, we were not able to post a full review at launch, but you can read our review-in-progress here. We’ll have a full review coming up.

For more on Prey, check out GameSpot’s features linked below, as well as our interview with creative director Raphael Colantonio right here.

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