Watch The Injustice 2 “Everything You Need To Know” Trailer

With Injustice 2‘s release coming up very soon, NetherRealm today released a new trailer titled “Everything You Need To Know,” and it lives up to the name, covering all of the game’s main points.

It starts off by discussing the story, which follows the clash between Batman and Superman after the Injustice League falls apart. The story takes players across the DC universe, the video says, with players able to make decisions that have “Earth-shattering consequences.”

Of course the video also talks about Injustice 2’s many playable characters–you can see a roundup of all the confirmed characters here. The first DLC characters were also recently announced.

Injustice 2’s Gear system also gets some screentime in the video, explaining and showing off how you can customize your character and their abilities to your liking. Additionally, the video touches on Injustice 2’s Guilds system and the Injustice 2 mobile game.

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Injustice 2 launches for PS4 and Xbox One on May 16. For more on the game, check out all of GameSpot’s previous written and video content here.

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