If The Mass Effect Games Had Kids

Early in the development of Mass Effect Andromeda, the team’s artists spent a week doing nothing but coming up with cool ideas. One of them that didn’t make it into the final game, but which was at least explored in this art, is having Mass Effect kids running around.

Having children in your big open world game is a great way to make that world feel real, and alive, and lived in. The Witcher 3 did it to great effect, because anywhere you’re seeing kids is somewhere you subconsciously note is a place people live, and love, and get on with mundane daily lives. Not everyone, or everywhere you go, has to be an important place for important adults.

Image: HuggyBear742

It’s something fan artists have been playing around with for years, like you can see in the image above, and while the babies never made it into Andromeda, artist Ben Lo got some sketches for Mass Effect kids down on paper, and they’re great.



You can see more of Ben’s art at his ArtStation page.

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